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LifeEnergy Water

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is an innovative and unique system that makes your tap water
✅ PURE (bacteria and chemical proof),
✅ ALKALINE (with a pH of 7.5 - 10.5),
✅ ENERGIZED (see image opposite), as in the distant source from which it originated.

No other device can transform your tap water
into a LIVE water that regenerates every cell in your body and reverses ageing.
Rich in antioxidants that strengthen your immune system and full of vital energy, vital for restoring youth and harmony to your body.
LifeEnergy Water is a Made in Italy device, and combines Siqur Salute's decades of experience with the research of a prestigious Swiss company, a leader in the vital energy sector for over 30 years.

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Are you interested in a water ionizer that makes you drink from your tap the water of a living spring?

Discover LifeEnergy Water, the only household alkaline water purifier and ionizer with molecular hydrogen designed in Italy (Made in Italy), which uses the exclusive and innovative Swiss technology of the Gold Disc to generate informed water and structured water.
Easy to install and easy to use, you can connect it directly to your kitchen faucet to get a water:

1) Filtered and Purified

The LifeEnergy Water alkaline water ionizer is equipped with two unique and powerful electrostatic filters, composed of an active carbon and anion ceramic core.
This filtration and purification system allows on the one hand to capture and remove from the water solid impurities and fine dust particles (up to a diameter of 0.1 microns), on the other hand to break down and destroy allergens, nitrates, bacteria such as E. coli and Staphylococcus aureus, viruses and solvents present in the water, purifying it completely but preserving the precious minerals such as calcium and magnesium as opposed to reverse osmosis.
LifeEnergy Water Purification Device is certified for the removal of 58 possible pollutants that can be found in tap water such as organic aromatic solvents, PFAS, Lead, Arsenic, Cadmium, Chlorine, Nitrite, Formaldehyde, Trialometans, Benzene, Organoalogenates, Sulfates and many more.
The two filters have a duration of 6 months and 1 year respectively and are easy to access and replace.
In the large color touch-screen display will be shown in real time in the remaining amount of liters at the end of which the water purification machine will promptly signal the need for filter replacement.

2) Ionized, with ORP values up to -885 mV and enriched with molecular hydrogen (H2 700ppb)

The domestic water ionizer LifeEnergy Water, thanks to the action of 5 plates with platinum plated titanium electrodes (and not simply sprayed as low quality ionizers do) can produce 11 different pH graduations that can be selected and dispensed in real time.
The LifeEnergy Water screen is equipped with an intelligent sensor that allows you to select the desired program and operate the ionizer simply by pressing with a finger.
You can choose between 5 types of alkaline pH (pH 10.5, 10, 9.5, 9 and 8.5) or a pure water with neutral pH (pH 7) or choose from 5 other types of acid water (pH 6.5, 6, 5.5, 5, 3.5).
Warning: in any ionizer acidic water can only be obtained provided that in the starting water there are certain acid salts (ph < 6) !
Whichever level is selected, the screen will show the pH value, the antioxidant capacity (ORP) and the dissolved hydrogen (H2).
These last two parameters are fundamental to identify a quality water.
The abbreviation ORP indicates the potential oxide-reductive water.
As you may know, any chemical reaction that has not been completed correctly, produces in our body substances called free radicals, mines loose in the body, able to combine with DNA and damage it.
Assuming water with a high negative ORP value (eg: -885 mV) it is possible to counteract free radicals by eliminating them in the bud.
In this way also our Immune System will operate with maximum efficiency, remaining little committed to free radicals and very active towards daily external aggressions.

Thanks to the 5 high quality plates, the LifeEnergy Water alkaline water ionizer is able to obtain water with a pH of 10.5 and an ORP of - 885 mV and 700 ppb of dissolved hydrogen, thus giving water an incredible antioxidant potential.
To make you understand the incredible antioxidant power of this water, know that vitamin C has an ORP of just -50 mV while green tea of only -100 mV.
Last but not least is dissolved molecular hydrogen (H2).
The symbol H2 denotes dissolved hydrogen.
More than 600 scientific studies have been published on our website on the impact of dissolved hydrogen on humans, animals and individual cells.
Studies clearly show that H2 regulates over 200 biomolecules and appears to provide benefit in over 170 health conditions and disease patterns, affecting virtually all organs of the human body.
In particular, H2 works on human metabolism in three main areas:
• quickly and easily converts the toxic free radicals present in the human body;
• maintains antioxidant homeostasis.
In other words, the body’s antioxidants are preserved;
• supports cell signaling, cellular metabolism and gene expression. This affects inflammation, obesity and aging mechanisms.
LifeEnergy Water is the only alkaline water appliance on the market capable of generating 700 ppb (parts per billion) of H2 at a pH of 10.5.
WARNING: In the market there are ionizers with 7-9 or even more plates but according to our experience there is no difference, if not a mere fact of marketing.
The important thing is that the plates are of high quality and above all that there is a really effective method to preserve them from limestone.
In this regard, we at Estraggo have realized a practical descaling pump that will allow you to make periodic washings with citric acid and to preserve forever the perfect efficiency of the plates of your ionizer.

3) Water energisation: generation of living water

Many think of measuring the quality of a water based on chemical analysis.
Rustum Roy says:

"They are all nonsense. The structure of water is much more important than the chemical composition"
Rustum Roy
University professor in Pennsylvania, member of the International Academy of Sciences USA

The municipal aqueduct carries out all safety treatments in the water to ensure the absence of heavy metals, pesticides and bacterial flora but this water:
✅ Often it stays still in the pipes for many hours;
✅ It flows under roads, next to electric pipes, sewer gas, etc..
✅ Incorporates all harmful vibrations including those of electromagnetic pollution (which since 1990 has increased by 1 million times) and also those from iron reinforced concrete cages that have the effect of an antenna.
A similar situation also occurs with bottled water.
Maybe you didn’t know it, but water has a unique ability in the world: it adapts the shape of its molecules (Cluster) according to the substances and vibrations that it encounters in its path.
As discovered by fisici Emilio Del Giudice and Giuliano Preparata, this information can be imprinted in the water for a certain period of time and in this way the so-called informed water or structured water is created.
Aware of this principle, we at Estraggo have included in our ionizer the exclusive Gold Disc Technology.
It is a cylinder, consisting of a mix of crystals and rare earths that vibrate and emit a vital frequency toroid that frees the water from all the harmful information that may have taken previously, inducing in the same a quantum jump of vital energy such as to create a field of "coherence" that allows water to have the same Vitality and the same Energy that it had when it was in the mountain spring.
The following photos, taken by a leading Swiss laboratory (VisionLab), testify to the great difference that you see, analyzing under the electron microscope with the method of Masaru Emoto two drops of water: one not ionized while the other ionized and energized with the "Gold Disc".

Size: 38,5 cm X 29 cm X 15 cm
Weight: 7.2 Kg
Number of electrodes: 5 plates
Electrode material: Titanium Platinum Plated
Life of the filters: About 12 months

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