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From the marriage of Swiss technology and Italian excellence came LifeEnergy PRO: the juice extractor unique in the world for its technical and performance quality and especially for the nutraceutical value transmitted to the extract by the powerful vital frequencies emitted by Gold Disc Technology, certified by Masaru Emoto's method.
Equipped with a 240-watt induction motor with maximum extraction power, equipped with non-toxic BPA-free ULTEM plastics and having an extra-large 75 mm mouth, it is ideal for extracting any fruit, any vegetable and obtaining any vegetable milk.

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Color: Silver

Why choose LifeEnergy PRO:

-Made in Italy: because it is a Made in Italy device, designed by Siqur Salute and the result of our decades of experience.

-Technological: because it is the first application in the world of a system that restores vital energy to the juice and harmonizes any "dirty energy" during the extraction process.

-Quality and energy value: the quality of an extract is directly proportional to the value of its enzyme activity. LifeEnergy PRO extract, tested by eminent scholars, was found to have the highest value of enzyme activity of any extract.

-Gold Disc: This is an essential field generator of natural energy that harmonizes every frequency around it with its own life frequency.
Dirty frequencies such as engine electromagnetism or those of the environment and contaminants in food are harmonized into a natural, bionomic frequency compatible with life.

-Scientific corroboration: One of the most renowned research laboratories in Zurich, based on Masaru Emoto's experiences, took photos of the crystallization of a carrot juice extracted first without and then with the Gold Disc, resulting in two frames shown in the image opposite.

240-watt AC motor with ground steel gears:LifeEnergy PRO features a 240-watt induction motor composed entirely of hardened and ground steel gears to easily and safely extract all kinds of fruits and vegetables, as well as vegetable milks and ice creams and sorbets.
Thanks to the motor's pure copper windings, the extractor has a consecutive use of 2 over hours.


Our body is not only a physical subject, it is also an etheric subject with 7 energy centers called chakras, which continuously interact with all our physical and mental functions. This energy is fed or weakened by the food choices we make: the food we eat, the quality and energy of the water we drink, the air we breathe, and the electromagnetic frequencies in which we are immersed.
Our company, Siqur Salute, born from a passion for protecting people's health and psychophysical well-being with methods and products as close to nature as possible, was the first company to introduce extractors in Italy, in 2010.
After extensive research, we designed and produced our own living juice extractor: LifeEnergy PRO.
This extractor, which is part of the LifeEnergy line, is extremely interesting both for its mechanical and process characteristics and for the quality of the juice that is extracted through this device.
The added element, which allows this transformation of the quality of the extracted juice, is called the Gold Disc and was made in collaboration with a leading Swiss company that has been in the frequency business for over 30 years.

The Gold Disc is a cylinder, inserted close to and connected to the extractor motor, which through a set of special and informed crystals generates specifications of vital frequencies capable of remodulating and harmonizing all harmful frequencies such as the electromagnetism of the motor, plastics and the environment surrounding the extractor.
This is why we can say that the LifeEnergy PRO extractor is unique in the world: it is the only extractor capable of producing extracts with high enzymatic activity and with its molecular relationships in their purest and most biocompatible state.

 Like Masaru Emoto

In the same way as the Japanese scientist, Masaru Emoto, studying with the electron microscope the crystallization of a drop of juice taken in different situations expresses different forms and information.
When the juice is pure, perfect, it looks like a flawless mandala.
When we ingest this juice, the pattern, and thus the vibrational structure, is transferred into our cells as positive or negative information.
Made by one of the most renowned laboratories in Zurich, a leader in the field of vital energies for more than 30 years, the two images to follow show microscopic enlargement of two drops of apple extract, previously crystallized and analyzed by Masaru Emoto's method.
The elegance, pleasantness and symmetry of the shape assumed by the extract with Gold Disc Technology is indicative of the high vital energy, high enzyme activity and high structural coherence contained within the extract thus obtained.

Power: 240 W
Size: 25 cm X 18 cm X 48 cm
Weight: 9 kg
Voltage: 220V-50HZ
Warranty: 2 years
Revolutions per minute: 60
Extraction strength: 40 Nm
English instruction manual: Yes
Assistance and over-the-phone consultancy: Yes
Filter material: ULTEM BPA FREE
Engine: AC/ Induction
Continued work: 2 hours
Extraction capacity: 100%


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