Food dryers

Prepare dehydrated fruits and vegetables directly in your kitchen with professionalism thanks to Essicco, the food dryer by Siqur Salute.

Food dryers

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Essicco is Siqur Salute’s handy food dehydrator. By replicating the effect of sunlight, it enhances flavors without losing any of the nutrients, in order to give you all the energy and deliciousness of fruit and vegetables every month of the year. Our dehydrator is equipped with a filter against dust and insects which might be present in the air, and its plastic parts are free from bisphenol A and from every other toxic material. If you are looking to buy a food dehydrator online, look no further: Siqur Salute offers one of the best appliances on the market, designed to keep your mind and your body active and healthy.

How does the food dehydrator work?

Siqur Salute’s dehydrator replicates the effect of sunlight: exactly like any professional food dehydrator, it is suitable for dehydrating every kind of food, from fruit to vegetables, but also meat or fish. This is made possible thanks to the different functions of the machine: two digital displays allow you to monitor the whole process by setting the temperature and the duration of the dehydration. For most foods, dehydration is generally done at a temperature between 40 °C and 60 °C, but meat and fish require much higher temperatures. The process is different from home-made food dehydration, for instance in the oven: it is much faster, less expensive, and much more accurate. By using the oven, you run the risk of raising the temperature too much and ending up cooking the food, thereby depriving it of its nutrients which are instead preserved when using our dehydrator. Moreover, our electrical dehydrator is very easy to use and very spacious. It can host up to 12 trays with adjustable height. The only preparation required is to slice food and place it on the trays. Its see-through color allows you to monitor the process at any moment.

The advantages of using a fruit and vegetable dehydrator

Among the several advantages of using a dehydrator for your fruit and vegetables, the main one is the possibility of storing them for longer, as described before, while preserving all their nutrients. But that is not the only advantage: our dehydrator is extremely versatile and can lead you to explore and discover innovative flavors which you might have never tried before. You will be able to prepare vegetable chips, snacks, meringue, dried mushrooms, teas and infusions, fruit candy, herbs and spices, dried meat or jerky, candied fruit, ingredients for your soups and much more. Dehydrated food is lighter than its fresh variation and is therefore the perfect snack wherever you are.