What is the LifeEnergy Line?

Our body is not only a biological subject, it is also and above all an etheric subject with 7 vital vibrational energy centres called Chakras. This aspect is unknown to most people or at least neglected or forgotten, which is why so few still take it into account in their food choices, rather than in the water they drink or the air they breathe or the dangerous magnetic frequencies they are surrounded by and which, although invisible, are very real and can produce devastating pathologies in our bodies.

We have now moved from shopping by 'fashion' to shopping by awareness, where the purchase is no longer made because everyone is talking about it, but is chosen for the benefits it brings to our organism, examining in detail the characteristics and quality of what we buy in order to use it to support and benefit our health. Along these lines, Siqur Salute has innovated all its products with a new line called LifeEnergy. LifeEnergy has made an epoch-making innovative leap, working as much on the mechanics of the various devices as on, and above all, the incredible increase in the energy value of the food processed thanks to the Gold Disc Generator.

Gold Disc Generator

The Gold Disc Generator is the first ever application to inform, energise and enliven food, water and air through vital vibrational frequencies. It restores the highest biological quality to vegetables and fruit used during juice or oil extraction from oil seeds. Energised extracts are produced with their molecular relationships in their purest, biocompatible state, the juice being extracted within a nourishing field of vital vibrational energy.

The Gold Disc Generator, through a set of special, informed crystals (magma 13) generates a frequency with a toroidal field that is transferred to the water contained in the food, the effect of which is clearly visible in the high magnification photos of the microscopic cellular crystallisation of the water and extracted juices.

It harmonises and normalises any electromagnetic radiation from the environment and from the electrical processing device, restoring a safe and sustainable bionomic effect to the energy of the food, liquid and water passing through the application, to bring it back to the purity and energy values proper to their biological system.

If you could see inside... which one would you choose to drink?

Without Gold Disc

  • Reduced vital energy;
  • Reduced biological information;
  • Structural inconsistency;

Gold Disc

  • High vital energy;
  • High biological information;
  • High biological efficacy;
  • Structural Harmoniousness;

Our LifeEnergy products

EXTRACTS of fruit, vegetables and sprouts from LifeEnergy PRO will have the highest vital energy, found in the high enzymatic activity of the juice and certified photographically by the harmony and consistency of the shapes taken in its crystallisation. Vital energy immediately available to the organism that will support us in all the countless physical and intellectual activities of the day, keeping our bodies slim and snappy and our minds lively and creative.

The LifeEnergy Water made Crystal Clear by two filters, Alkalinised by an effective Ionisation and above all, Energised and Informed by the powerful Vital Frequency of the Gold Disc, will be an essential nourishment for our cells and an excellent communicative link between all the billions of electrical signals originated by the extraordinary activity of the energy centres of our physical and etheric body.

Water is the intracellular communication channel and the frequency it uses determines the quality of communication. An ordered and coherent frequency is certainly much more effective than a confused and disjointed one.

LifeEnergy OIL similarly, organic, cold extracted at a temperature below 40°C, taken fresh and NOT OXIDATED, protected from harmful surrounding electromagnetic frequencies, and charged with a new frequency of Vital Energy, they release such a quantity of Antioxidants (7000 ORAC), Omega 3, Vitamins, Enzymes, all Essential Amino Acids, Minerals and Trace Elements, that they will amply supply ALL THE POSSIBLE INTEGRATORS NEEDEDED BY THE HUMAN BODY in an intact (non-oxidised, non-toxic) and biological form.

LifeEnergy AIR is a unit with a patented bipolar ionisation control process. Bipolar ionisation is a unique technology developed over 40 years of study and experimentation, which, after checking that the amount of positive ions and negative ions are similar to those found in some of the healthiest natural environments (such as Iguazu Falls), simultaneously generates positive and negative ions in an ideal ratio of 1.25/1.
By applying this technology to the new LifeEnergy AIR we have created a device UNIQUE in the world!