ESSICCO domestic food dehydrator
  • ESSICCO domestic food dehydrator
  • ESSICCO domestic food dehydrator
  • ESSICCO domestic food dehydrator
  • ESSICCO domestic food dehydrator


ESSICCO domestic food dehydrator

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Simulating the effect of the sun, the Essicco dryer enhances the flavors of food without causing nutrient losses, to give you all the energy and flavor of fruit and vegetables in every season of the year.
The dryer is easy to use and very capacious, with 6, 9 or 12 stackable trays with adjustable height, transparent to monitor food at all times of the process.
Included in the dryer you will find an air filter to ensure perfect hygiene throughout the dehydration process.

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Food drying is a natural method of food preservation employed since the dawn of humanity.
It consists of removing 80-90% of water from food, thus blocking the growth of bacteria responsible for the degradation.
It is then possible to store foods for several months: enjoy your favourite fruit and vegetables even out of season!
Drying food is healthy: unlike in industrial production, food won’t undergo sudden changes in temperature, nor will be additioned with chemicals or condiments (such as oil, salt, sugar) that would result in nutritional variations. On the contrary, dehydration leaves pratically unchanged the properties of food, while bringing out the original flavours.

Combining health and taste is not the only advantage that Essicco offers:

  • Ease of use: prepare dried food is very simple, just cut into slices the chosen foods (fruits, vegetables, meat, mushrooms...), arrange them in the dryer without additional seasonings and wait.
  • Versatility: Essicco offers many possibilities: you can make fruit and vegetable chips, snacks, meringues, dried mushrooms, prepared for infusions and herbal teas, fruit candies, dried flowers and pasta for decorations and découpage, aromatic herbs, garnishes for desserts, dried meat, candied fruit, nuts, dried berries, soups ingredients and more.
  • Prêt-à-porter: dried foods do not stain and weigh much less than fresh foods, which makes them perfect to be enjoyed outside the house, when you want.
  • Self-production: there are packaged dehydrated foods on the market, but making them with your own hands is something else! You can dry according to your preferences, starting from your favorite ingredients, experimenting with solutions and recipes always different.

Essicco’s plastics are BPA free. It is equipped with 6, 9 or 12 transparent trays with adjustable height; you can start it with fewer trays or add up to a maximum of 12 to the need.
The base is equipped with an air filter, which prevents access to insects, mites and dust.
The temperature and drying times can be adjusted and monitored through the two digital displays.


    -6 transparent trays with adjustable height
    -1 Fine mesh grid for small ingredients
    -1 tray for jams and fruit candies
    - An Air filter
    -150 cm cable
    -Instruction manual in English

Power: 500W
Size: 43 x 28 x 24 cm
Weight: 4,5 Kg
Voltage: 220V-50HZ
Warranty: 2 years
Thermostat: from 40 to 70 degree centigrade
English instruction manual: Yes
Assistance and over-the-phone consultancy: Yes

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