Siqur Salute was born from the passion for protecting the health and psycho-physical well-being of the person with methods and products as close as possible to nature.
We were the first in Italy, in 2010, to import and distribute the live juice extractor Estraggo, but our vision also included every other tool
Today all our devices reflect these peculiar characteristics and constitute what we have called ISLAND OF HEALTH.
We were the first and we are the only ones in Italy to offer a complete and ever-evolving range of functional devices for health and well-being through a Natural path that includes the "4A": Diet, Water, Air, Environment.
These devices are tools capable of evolving the lifestyle of everyone in a gradual, simple and economical way, but very effective in PREVENTING many ailments and many diseases due to the increasingly reduced quality of the food we eat, of the 'water we drink, the air we breathe and the environment in which we live, increasingly saturated with dangerous frequencies of all types and intensities.
Our research and our experience have led us to create the line of LifeEnergy devices, Made in Italy , unique in the world in protecting and energizing food, giving it the highest freshness,
integrity and energy of its own.