About Us

Siqur Salute, was founded in 2010 distributing, first in Italy, a tool that became fashionable in the following years and remains very interesting even today: the juice extractor from fresh fruit and vegetables.
Our aim was to propose some devices to a sensitive clientele interested in improving and maintaining their health through food, water and air.
We believe, after 13 years of work and study, that we have succeeded.
In fact, we can now propose a line of exclusive devices with unique technological and process characteristics of the highest quality and effectiveness.
We have named this line 'LifeEnergy', to indicate their main characteristic: to transmit to our body-mind, to our biological system
a Vital Energy characterised by a vibrational frequency harmonised with everything that lives, through Water, Food, Air and the Environment.
The "4 A's" that most characterise a solid state of health.

We have been inspired by two well-known scientists who have changed the way we perceive the important 'mysteries of water': Dr Masaru Emoto and Dr Sang Whang, whose studies and experiments have enlightened the world about the importance of water for the human body and its peculiar energetic and vibrational characteristics.
We call this new technology 'Gold Disc Technology' and it is realised with a powerful generator of a vital vibrational toroid emitted from a metal parallelepiped containing a set of crystals and rare earths.
This technology, unique in the world, is a tool capable of accompanying the evolution of everyone's lifestyle in a gradual, simple and inexpensive way, but very effective in preventing so many ailments and pathologies due to the ever decreasing quality of the Food we eat, the Water we drink
of the Air we breathe and of the Environment we live in, increasingly saturated with dangerous frequencies of all kinds and intensities.
In fact, by using these devices, each person can easily, in his or her own home and with his or her own hands, produce food, water and air, as well as make the environment healthy and full of vital energy, to be transferred to his or her own body and life.