Below you’ll find answers to the most common questions you may have on Estraggo products.

1) What is the difference between LifeEnergy PRO and Estraggo PRO?

From a purely mechanical point of view there is no difference between the two devices. With LifeEnergy PRO you can do exactly the same preparations you can do using Estraggo PRO (extracts, ice creams, sorbets, vegetable milks, etc.). What differs between the two models and the technology used. LifeEnergy PRO uses a HIGH TECH device, unique in the world: the Gold Disc technology.

Thanks to it you will have:

  1. Complete protection from all electromagnetic radios produced by the engine.
  2. An increase in the quality and purity of the juice produced.
  3. A change in the molecular structure of the juice to a more harmonious form and biocompatible.
  4. The complete resumption of the vital energy of the juice, lost during the various phases of the harvest cycle.
  5. An increase in enzymatic activity of up to 50% and the transformation of the juice into a nutraceutical.

2) How much does it cost?

The price of Estraggo is 659,00 VAT and transport included in the LifeEnergy PRO version, 529,00 € in the Estraggo PRO version and € 379.00 in the Estraggo LIGHT version. Siqur Health also offers a ZERO RATE INSTALLMENT. For more info contact us to the address [email protected].

Attention: only for purchases from authorized retailers will be guaranteed warranty service, spare parts and assistance. In case of doubts about a point of sale contact the headquarters at +39049 502872.

3) Where is it made?

Estraggo is the product of the Italian experience: ours, and built for us by an important company Chinese. Unlike others, we propose the technical and functional specifications of the machine and to verify them in every detail, and then to test it for months until the most complete satisfaction, before offering it to the market. The LifeEnergy PRO version is classified as Made in Italy because the study, the design and the insertion in the extractor of the Gold Disc Technology is made by an Italian company and changes and enhances its characteristics, qualifying it as a product in Italy.

4) What is the RPM rate?

Extract works at 60rpm/min in all three versions, with a powerful 240W induction motor that in the Estraggo PRO and LifeEnergy PRO versions develops an extraction force of 40N/m, allowing you to extract ALL kinds of fruits, ALL kinds of vegetables, and to produce ALL kinds of vegetable milks (almond, soy, rice, etc...).

5) Is it easy to clean?

Estraggo is very quick to clean, it takes no more than three minutes for a thorough cleaning using simply running water. In this regard I invite you to watch this video: link

6) Can the plastic parts be washed in the dishwasher?

The plastic parts can be put in the dishwasher (at a temperature of not more than 40-50 ), except for the pestle, which must be rinsed only at the end. However, we recommend that you simply rinse under running water (see point 5) and from time to time wash with water and vinegar to make all the pieces shine.

7) How loud is it?

Unlike traditional squeezers Estraggo is very quiet, only 30-55 decibels, the sound of a normal conversation.

8) Warranty and service

With Estraggo you can be sure: 2 years warranty on the engine and 2 years on everything else! An accurate after-sales service is ESSENTIAL for a high quality product such as I extract, which will fully satisfy your investment in health. In case of problems, please contact our Customer Support. Customer service

9) What is the blind filter for? How can I use it?

With the blind filter you can produce excellent natural sorbets, simply using fruit (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, mangos, etc.) put in the freezer for 7/8 hours and let thaw for about 10-15 minutes. I invite you to watch this video: link

10) What is the yield of Estraggo?

Average yield of fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables relative to 1 kg of: fruit: 700-800 g of vegetable juice: 600-700 g of juice. Much also depends on the type of fruits and vegetables and the variety (there are very juicy apples and very mealy apples)

11) What are the dimensions and weight of Estraggo?

Dimensions: 25x18x48cm

Weight: 9 kg

Below is a list of frequently asked questions and answers related to Frantoil

1) How much does it cost?

The price of Frantoil is € 390.00 VAT and transport included and € 529.00 VAT and transport in the LifeEnergy OIL version, equipped with the exclusive Gold Disc Technology.

2) Can I extract olive oil?

No, Frantoil was created to extract the oil contained in DRY raw materials, such as oilseeds and nuts.

The extraction of olive oil is a long process that involves several steps: cleaning, pressing, kneading, pressing, filtration.

3) Is it easy to clean?

Very easy, the cleaning of Frantoil takes just a couple of minutes. The only parts to be cleaned are those that come into contact with the oil, or the oil collection tray and the body of extraction, formed by auger and cylinder in stainless steel AISI 304 (is included a toothbrush).

4) Is it cold pressing?

Yes; although for mechanical reasons of friction and pressure the external area of the extraction body is heat, the temperature in the extraction area does not exceed 37, and the oil just extracted will result pleasantly warm on the palate. For vegetable oils this temperature is classified of "cold pressing", that is, which keeps all the nutritional values unchanged: the enzymes, the vitamins, fatty acids such as Omega 3 and Omega 6, amino acids.

5) How much oil do I get from the seeds?

The oil yield varies greatly depending on the type of seed and the degree of dryness: the more the seeds are dry, the greater the yield.

Here are some indicative figures:

  • Sesame: 35-40% oily content (e.g. with 500g of sesame seeds about 230g of oil)
  • Peanuts: 40% oily content (e.g. with 500g of peanuts about 210g of oil)
  • Sunflower: oil content 40% (e.g. with 500g of sunflower seeds about 200 g of oil)
  • Flax: 25-30% oily content (e.g. with 500g of flaxseed about 190 g of oil)
  • Nuts: 25% oily content (e.g. with 500g of nuts about 180 g of oil)
  • Hemp: 25% oily content (e.g. with 500g of whole hemp seeds about 170 g of oil)
  • Poppy: 25% oily content (e.g. with 500g of poppy seeds about 180 g of oil)
  • Chia: 20-25% oily content (e.g. with 500g of chia seeds about 170 g of oil)
  • Almonds: 25% oily content (e.g. with 500g of almonds about 170 g of oil)
  • Canola: 25% oily content (e.g. with 500g of canola seeds about 160 g of oil)
  • Milk thistle: oily content 20-25% (e.g. with 500g of milk thistle seeds about 160 g of oil)
  • Pumpkin: oily content 20-25% (e.g. with 500g of pumpkin seeds about 160 g of oil)
  • Coriander: 20% oily content (e.g. with 500g of canola seeds about 130 g of oil)
  • Soybean: 10% oily content (e.g. with 500g of soybeans about 80g of oil)

6) So low?

It is not low: Frantoil extracts ALL the oil contained in the seeds by cold pressing. In industrial processes the yield has increased artificially, through technological processes, chemical solvents, net temperature rises. (Consider then that for 1 liter of olive oil you need about 15 kg of olives!)

7) Why produce oil at home?

Preparing the oil with their own hands is undoubtedly advantageous:

  • you will experience the rich taste, aroma and scent of the oil just extracted, well other than that of any bottled oil;
  • for the above mentioned exceptional organoleptic properties, which unlike in commercial oils (oxidized and refined) are kept 100%!
  • you can produce rare and difficult to find oils on the market, starting from raw materials of your choice, organic, without additional ingredients;
  • for the pleasure of DIY: you can prepare your favorite "espresso" oil when you will want, in the desired amount, simply by inserting a handful of seeds!
Here is a list of frequently asked questions about Essicco

1) How long does it take to dry?

It depends on how rich in water the food originally is, how thick the slices are, how set temperature, from the humidity of the environment. For most fruits and vegetables, at an average temperature takes about 20 hours. To some ingredients will be enough much less, for example mushrooms, herbs, flowers, meringues, onions; for more moist foods will take longer, such as tomatoes. In any case, being always of low temperatures it is very difficult to make mistakes! It is not a cooking, there is no risk of drying "too much".

2) Can I dry different foods together?

No problem! I can dry different kinds of fruits and vegetables together without the flavors are "contaminated". Just be careful if I use very different ingredients for thickness and water content: this which dries more quickly will be removed first.

3) How much does it consume?

The maximum power of Essicco is 550W, but it does not match the consumption! Essicco needs energy especially in the first hours of ignition; once reached the programmed temperature the consumption is lowered drastically, the minimum necessary to maintain constant temperature. Most of the time the consumption is comparable to that of a medium bulb potency.

4) How big is it? What if I need more space?

Essicco comes with 6 trays. Indicatively, a tray can contain a fruit as for example an apple, cut into slices. To expand the capacity of Essicco you can buy at part of the additional trays, in the section spare parts.

5) Does Essicco have an air filter?

Yes: its presence is very important! You will find it already inserted in the engine base, its function is to ensure a protected environment for the duration of drying. Prevents access to dust and insects, attracted by sugary substances in the fruit.

Below is a list of frequently asked questions about LifeEnergy Water ionizer.

1) How many plates does the water ionizer have?

The LifeEnergy Water ionizer has an ionization chamber with 5 plates with platinum plated titanium electrodes. Thanks to this, 11 different options can be selected in the large touchscreen display pH gradations, reaching a pH of 10.5 and an ORP of -620.

2) I have seen that on the market there are ionizers with 7/8/9 plates or even more. What’s the difference with a 5-plate?

According to our experience there is no difference, if not a mere fact of marketing (the addition of many plates makes the price of the ionizer go up a lot). The really important factors in a water ionizer are:

  1. the filtration capacity,
  2. the fact that the electrodes are platinum plated and not simply sprayed.
  3. and above all the energization of the water with us we get thanks the implementation within the ionizer of the Gold Disc techology, with the resulting transformation of the water structure as certified by the following photos, taken by a laboratory in Zurich, leader in the field of vital energy from more than 30 years.

3) I heard that adding more plates makes the value of the highest ORP, is it not?

Unfortunately, this is not true. ORP is linked to the pH value, which in turn is linked to the composition of the acid/alkaline minerals in water. 5 plates can ionize water in the same way as 7, 8, 9 or more. For example, our LifeEnergy Water ionizer achieves an ORP of - 620 at a pH of 10.5, which means a great antioxidant charge for your body!

4) What is meant by H2? Is it important for health?

The symbol H2 denotes dissolved hydrogen. More than 600 scientific studies have been published and can be consulted on our website of H2 in humans, animals and individual cells. Studies clearly show that H2 regulates over 200 biomolecules and seems provide benefit in over 170 health conditions and disease patterns, which affect practically all organs of the human body.

In particular, H2 works on human metabolism in three main areas:

  • quickly and easily converts the toxic free radicals present in the human body;
  • maintains antioxidant homeostasis. In other words, the body’s antioxidants are kept;
  • supports cell signaling, cellular metabolism and gene expression.

This affects inflammation, obesity and aging mechanisms. LifeEnergy Water is the only ionizer on the market that can generate well 700 ppb (parts per trillion) of H2 at a pH of 10,5

5) Is the ionizer immediately available? If so, what are the delivery times for abroad ?

LifeEnergy Water is immediately available in our warehouse in Vigonza (Padua). The shipment normally takes place, through our courier in charge, within 24 hours of payment and delivery is estimated within 72 hours of payment.

6) How many filters does the ionizer have? And what material are the filters made?

LifeEnergy Water is equipped with two filters, which are already installed in the machine and immediately ready for use. The two filters are composed of active carbon and anion ceramic, materials that allow to enhance the system of cleaning and filtering of bacteria, viruses and contaminants. Laboratory tests have shown that LifeEnergy Water is able to eliminate the 99,9 % of the bacteria E. coli and Sta lococco aureo, and 94/99 % of 58 possible pollutants water content while preserving minerals.

7) How often should the filters be replaced? I can see a replacement footage?

The two filters have a duration of respectively 6 months (filter 1) and 12 months (filter 2), reported in real time on screen via countdown. The two filters are easy to replace by opening a front door. Below is a video that will show you how to replace filters. Video

8) My water is rich in limestone, the ionizer plates are in danger?

The LifeEnergy Water ionizer does not remove limestone from the water, however thanks to the practical decalcifying pump of the latest generation available in on our website, it is possible to perform periodic washing of the plates a 20% solution of water and citric acid. This allows you to preserve the plates by eliminating any problems caused from the care of limestone. Below a short video will show you the process.


For those who want to treat the limestone present in the home water, Siqur Salute has designed a domestic softener that, thanks to the effectiveness of the resins carboxylic, ensures the reduction of water hardness in the measure desired, up to 5-10 French degrees. More information can be found on the product page.

9) Is it easy to install? In the package I have all the necessary?

The ionizer is very easy to install as it can be placed on a mobile or hanging on the wall like a painting. Inside the LifeEnergy Water package you will find all the necessary connect it to any faucet in your home, along with detailed but simple instructions. In particular there are: the water inlet cable (white color), the output cable waste water (gray color), dust filter, universal adapter for taps, the pH meter, the hose for the water supply and the instruction manual in English.

10) In addition to drinking, what other uses does ionized water lend itself to?

In addition to being a drink, with countless health properties, ionized water can be used for:

  • Cooking food: on the one hand it enhances flavours and allows less use seasonings and salt, on the other hand decreases cooking time by lightening your electricity bills.
  • blanch vegetablessuch as spinach, soya, legumes, broccoli and other vegetables green leaf for maximum antioxidant power and keep the green color brilliant.
  • washing fruit and vegetables: allows the release of many pollutants such as some pesticides (even organic foods can be contaminated due to air pollutants) to which they are subjected, therefore a rapid washing with water strongly alkaline is enough to sanitize them in depth).
  • disinfect and detoxify meat and fish: commercial meat and fish today, now rich in hormones, heavy metals and antibiotics, need to be detoxified.
  • To make it it is necessary to combine strongly acidic water with water strongly alkaline: before cooking put them to soak for 10 minutes in water strongly acid first and then pass them for just as long in strongly alkaline water.
  • Clean surfaces:Removes oil and grease stains from all surfaces and also clothed.
  • Washing dishes: Allows you to use less detergent when washing dishes by hand and save water, as a third or a quarter of the amount of water normal for washing and rinsing.
  • prepare tea, coffee and herbal teas.
  • prepare a natural soap by combining strongly alkaline water with nuts soap and 100% pure essential oil like lavender oil.
  • give shine and shine without halos to objects and surfaces not glassy.
  • brush your teeth and look after the health of your mouth.
  • rinse the body after showering.
  • care for the beauty of the skin and hair (shampoo and conditioner).